The Answers Can Change Your Life—

Latitude 00-00 Quito, Ecuador The earth's midway point
Latitude 00-00′-00″
Quito, Ecuador
The earth’s midway point

The answer to these  questions comes in many life changing forms and is the subject of the book waiting for you in the following chapters. These chapters are not set out chronologically but reflect different events  of my life which unfolded as the particular experience evolved.   Each expierence usually either led to a new life lesson or as all to often the case merely served to reprove an old lesson which apparently needed to be relearned— reminding me that the more a lesson needs to be relearned the more painful and costly or even more valuable it will become.

This book is written for you—a person who not only seeks to add years to your life but life to your years.  If your a 30 something you want to start now by taking the steps that I did 40 years ago that will lead to shaping your mind and body in such a way that 40 years from now you will be enjoying the benefits of looking and feeling much younger. This is like saving for your retirement—the time to start is now.    You can learn from my mistakes begining now, not waiting till later when the cost of learning can be much higher.