Ask yourself these questions—

Quito, Ecuador June. 2014
Quito, Ecuador
June. 2014

Having now lived past 70 and still being taken by many for an age closer to 40 I am often asked the question—why or more to the point how? Is there a grotesquely ugly aging picture of  Dorian Grey hanging in my closet? Or am I merely the effect of 40 years of carefully designed causes lived and executed with daily regularity. Being taken for younger than your years is not only a product of how you look and sound to others but more importantly how you carry yourself both in terms of attitude and countenance.   Do you look and sound old and tired or youthful and fresh?   Do you walk with a bounce in your step or slouch down the street with shoulders slumped and head down?   When you speak does your voice carry a tone of confidence and charisma or a fearful wimper of doubt and uncertainty?