The Need for Change—

Hoi An , Vietnam Beach,  August 2013
Hoi An , Vietnam
Beach, August 2013

Death is the one thing that gives real meaning to life.  The one event for which  you don’t want to be a minute late or a minute early.   Just imagine at 70 years old being constantly  mistaken for 40.   Is this a blessing or a curse you ask?   The answer may lie within the soul of the person in question or it may not. Most of us, to one degree or another, are constantly searching for the fountain of youth. But what if you actually were to find it? Like author Oscar Wilde’s fictional charector Dorian Gray the price of never aging may be a devils bargin, one far more costly then most of us are willing to pay. Or maybe the cost  will be acceptable after all, a cost a reasonable person is most willing to pay.

Change is the thing most of us need beginning about 30 years of age.    Change is what we  need, to remake all the bad habits we formed through ignorance and laziness as we squandered the benefits of youth and fresh hormones during those first 30 carefree years.   By the time we reach age 40 a persons age may begin to really show.   Good genes no longer cover the signs of bad unhealthy living and it’s how you have  lived your life that shows what really matters.    This is the time that change is really critical for those who have been neglectful but still desire a smooth and natural transition into middle age and beyond.