The reasons Why I’m going on 40 at 70—

Elk feeding in the meadow next to my hiking trail at 8300' elevation Evergreen, Colorado April 15, 2014
Elk feeding in the meadow next to my hiking trail at 8300′ elevation
Evergreen, Colorado
April 15, 2014

Would you like a gift of 30 healthy years added to your life?    I can promise you this—that gift is yours for the taking.  You know being 70 but looking, feeling and acting 40 is a super thing.  I, Scott Crosby, am a grandfather of 8 who has lived the last 40 years with no major illness and  always feeling great.   This is the result of 40 years of healthy living  in which I constantly ate nutritiously,  exercised regularly and lived a mostly low stress life.    I am living proof that the way I lived my life really works.   Here is how I did it and how you can too.

It all started with a book I read  at age 27  about how we were designed by God to live to be 120 years of age.   It explained that if we just treat our bodies properly  we can live an illness free life—that the body is it’s own great healer—and you know I found over all these years that that’s really true.   Another thing it said, that really impressed me, was that we could program our subconscious mind by using affirmations.    So I would wake up every morning and repeat this affirmation—“I will live to be 120 years old and I will  feel great every day of it.”   I did this for years and in my mind I still believe it to this day—I believe I still have another 50 healthy years to go.

My path to wellness began in 1972 at about the age of 30.   I went under the dietary  care of Dr. Ed Wagner a cutting edge holistic doctor to the stars in Malibu, California. I followed Ed’s plan religiously for over a year before I adjusted to eating a more moderate diet.   But in that time I developed a solid foundation of healthy and nutritious eating never returning to the “steak and potato” diet of my first 30 years.   With Dr. Ed’s inspiration I began a life long passion for learning about all the facets of healthy living—still listening to different opinions  but following only a carefully selected  few.

I began running  compulsively  10 to 15 miles a week  a year before I discovered my new diet.  Having been forced into “running”, at 23 in Marine Corps boot camp, I had sadly allowed my body to fall into a state of over weight dissipation by age 29. I actually remember the day on the tennis courts at South Pasadena High School being so disgusted with my winded condition that I threw down my racquet, walked a few yards up to the 440 track, and jogged a mile. This I’m happy to say was literally the first day of 40 years of continuous vigorous exercise which I now credit with being instrumental in the A+ rating I received last year from my cardiologist after giving me an EKG stress test at the age of 70.

After 10 years of only running,  at the age of 40, I also began a rigorous regime of resistance training which I continued, along with the  cardiovascular training, for the next 30 years.   During that time I reaped the benefits of intense resistance training coupled with high intensity interval training which provided me with a lean, strong and muscular body, exceptional for my age, for many years to come.

Is feeling healthy and strong every day a way you would like to live  the rest of your life?  If you’re like I was, all those years ago, you are now an out of shape 30 something . I enthusiastically encourage you to take my 40 year example.  Start putting “money in the bank” for your future years to come by beginning a program of exercise and healthy dieting today.   Or if your a 70 year old who never  exercised or ate a healthy diet—the  good news is that it’s never too late to start—-you too can begin your new life today.

Finally the last key to healthy living is  keeping a strong positive attitude coupled with a strong spiritual awareness.   You have a choice to make each morning upon awakening— you can choose to be a happy positive person or you can choose to be a negative grump—it’s up to you—the choice is yours—who do you want to be?

Want to learn my secret?    Do I have a grotesque and aging  portrait, like Dorian Gray, hanging in my closet?  No it’s much more fun and exciting than that.     So join me as I share my story of 40 years of fun filled amazing adventure—where I learned about  health, life and God.   Living life like a millionaire only on a simple budget—yet living one rich in experience, relationships and exotic travel.   Experiences that have taught me many of life’s most valuable lessons.   Lessons not  learned in books or school but ones learned in the challenging world of real life and distant travel.  Lessons that provided me with a street wise sense of how to successfully move at will in a foreign land as well as at home—ones that you can only learn on the street of life and in the university of hard knocks.